Hard to believe that this Mountain is 146 Miles  away from Victoria BC

Quick Facts

Mount Baker, also known as Koma Kulshan or simply Kulshan, is an active glaciated andesitic stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and the North Cascades of Washington in the United States.

Elevation 10,780 Ft.     Last Eruption 1880


Mount Baker from downtown Vancouver Canada

You are looking at Mt Baker   It's about 250-300kms from downtown Vancouver in Washington state, based on google maps. The day was almost clear but haze was quite strong.


For this shot they used 100-400mm IS f5.6 Lens at full 400mm + x2 extender. So the focal length was 800mm. The combination of using extender at full focal length of the lens plus the haze reduce the sharpness and clarity of the image quite substantially.


Mount Baker from Victoria Canada





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