While my daughter and her husband were on vacation in Mexico, she emailed me to tell me that they have a webcam on the beach of the resort where she was staying.

Peaking my interest, I decided to search out the webcam and was able to take pictures with it from my Condo here in Lagoon City.

After a hour or so of monitoring I saw her and her husband walking along the beach. I knew it was them because he is very tall and she is very short.

I snapped this picture of them from here in Ontaruo and emailed it to them in Mexico!

When you think of it, ‘Kind of bends the mind a bit.




Doug at 78 Years Old

Longevity Nutritional Facts:

My Diet is mainly Starch, Sugar, Eggs and Milk. No Vegitables, very little Meat or Fruit.

So much for all those diets and calorie counting!

In 2011, during Christmas I went to see my daughter and her family in Victoria BC. I thought it would be fun to see my Lagoon  City webcams from 3000 miles away.

Well then, why not the inside of the house for security! The first time I tested this, it was dark inside and I could see nothing.

As I have an X10 remote lighting system, I decided to see if I could turn the lights on using the internet, like the Mexican camera (on this page). It worked!

Now from my Ipad I can turn on and off selective lights at my house, and watch the property with my security cameras, from her house in BC or from any WiFi location, the airports and such.

I can even turn my coffee maker off if I think I forgot!  With my memory, this is a practical application.


There are more links to come, but these are my favourites so far.

I had a lot of fun with this one, especially my family!

“Gee dad I didn’t think you were so fit.” 

Not many people can do this at your age . . Not Even Me.

. . That’s not me,  It’s Photo Shop !


This is my Living room in Lagoon City