Clapp Chronology  Here is some of what I have…

1666   George Gilson Clapp settled in South Carolina. Moved to New York, then Connecticut

The original forget generator of the American clan was an English position, George Gilson Clapp, who about 1666 pled the great plague in London it which 75,000 persons had died that previous year, and finally settled in Westchester County north of New York City, and south of Duchess County.

     ◦     Are subscriber, Joseph Clapp, was born six generations later in night 1762 in touch as county Duchess County. He was second of 10 children born to Joseph  Clapp Senior and his wife mercy carpenter. At least five of the children came to Canada: Joseph, Benjamin and James, and two sisters named Rhoda, who married Mr. both he and settled in Bath Ontario with Ursula who married Sampson Striker.

     ◦     In the cold winter months of January 1787 when the pros and rivers of Lake Lakes became highways, Sampson striker and his brother-in-law Joe so came to upper Canada via Lake Champlain, Montreal and the St. Lawrence. The jury took them 28 days and with and as sleigh and a pair of horses. At first Joseph live with his brother-in-law, But within a few years eve married Nancy Miller, I niece of John Roblin, and settled in aldol this town. His brother Benjamin Clapp married Elizabeth a sister of John Roblin.

The 1700’s______________________________ King Georges I, through III, United States declared independence from Great Britain (1776).

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather   (7 Greats)   England to America

1649 born John Clapp St. Nicholas Deptford Kent, England

1725 died Winchester County New York 76 yrs

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather  (6 Greats)  Living in America

1670 Born Elias Clapp England.

1762 Died Northcastle Winchester County NY  92 Yrs

Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather  (5 Greats)

1730 Born ( Approx. ) Joseph Clapp Winchester County NY or Greenwich Conn 1776 Died  Duchess County New York  46 yrs

Great Great Great Great Grandfather  (4 Greats)  New York to Canada His mill established town of Milford.

Born 1762  Joseph Clapp. Duchess County New York

1787  Came to Canada by way of Lake Champlain to settle in Adolphustown.  (Hay Bay)

Died 1813 Adolphustown Ontario  Spouse Nancy Miller, (51 yrs)

7 Children, Oldest son Philip youngest son Joseph.

1792- 1832   Philip Clapp the Milford (Dave Clapp) branch of the family.

The 1800’s____________________________ American Civil War (1861 - 65)  (Why the Clapp’s Left the USA ,Loyalists)

Great Great Great Grandfather ( 3 Greats)

1806  Samuel Clapp . Adolphustown. Spouse Sarah Fralick 1886  Died Cherry Valley, Ontario (80 yrs)

     NB Both Clapp Brothers Samuel and Joseph Married the Fralick Sisters!

Great Great Grandfather (2 Greats)

1811 Joseph Clapp born, Marysburgh Prince Edward County  Spouse Susan Fralick Died 1882 (71 Yrs)      War of 1812

Great Grandfather

1833  Jacob Henry Clapp Napanee  Spouse Sarah Casey 1917  Died Napanee  (84 yrs)


1862  Stanley Miller Clapp born Thurlow Ontario Spouse  1937  Died Toronto, Ontario (75 years)  

                                                        Republican Party nominates Abraham Lincoln for president


1878 Josehine Clapp Born, Died 1943  65 yrs                 Electric iron patented by Henry W Seely, NYC


1895 Cecil Clapp Born, Died 1968 73 yrs                   1st electric car (built in Toronto) could go 15 miles between charges.

                                                                                        Henry Ford completes his first useful petrol fuelled engine  

1898 Gordon Clapp Born, Died1989 91 yrs                   Eiffel Tower completed

1900 Roy Clapp Born, Died 1982 82 Yrs                        The Canadian Pacific Railway is completed from coast to coast.

1906 John Clapp (my Dad) Born, Died 1971 65 yrs      Henry Ford's company builds the first Model T car

Sons:  Donald Ross Born 1928 Died 2005   John Douglas Born 1933 Still Going….. ME