Milford Ontario

My Brother's Family and mine have spent most of our lives together with common interests and very close family ties, and it's still happening today. 60 Years and still as strong.


Great Great Great Great Grandfather

Born 1762 Joseph Clapp. Duchess County New York

1787 Came to Canada by way of Lake Champlain to settle in Adolphustown.  (Hay Bay)

Died 1813 Adolphustown Ontario  (50 yrs) Spouse Nancy Miller (74 yrs),

7 Children, Oldest son Philip youngest son Joseph. This Joseph is our family's Great Great Great Grandfather.

Maurine and Dave Clapp

Maurine and Dave Clapp home on Clapp St. in  Milford Ontario

Wendy, Becky, and Laurie nee Clapp

Cross Country 2013

Peggy's Cove 1975

Caribbean Cruise 2002

12 Metre Racing 2002

Atlantic City 1969

Disneyland Cruise 1990

Milford 2013

Alaska Cruise 1996

Detroit Zoo 1967

Family Gems

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