Back Row. Roy, Cecil (Skinner) Clapp, Stanley Miller Clapp, and Gordon. Seldon Clapp,  son of Jacob H.  John Clapp, (My Dad), son of Stanley Miller.  Jacob Henry Clapp, father of Stanley Miller and Seldon Clapp.  and my Great Great Grandfather. Circa: 1914

Joshephine Martin Clapp ann Stanley Miller Clapp. My Grandfather.

These are our Ancestors. The Clapp family has been traced back to the year 1010 England, before the battle of Hastings


Stanley Miller Clapp   My Dad, John Clapp   Josephine Clapp

Circa 1914

The Victoria Street Side of the Yonge Street Arcade. The Clapp Shoe House and Skinner's Sport Shop (Cecil Clapp)

Great Great Great Great Grandfather

Born 1762 Joseph Clapp. Duchess County New York

1787 Came to Canada by way of Lake Champlain to settle in Adolphustown.  (Hay Bay)

Died 1813 Adolphustown Ontario  (50 yrs) Spouse Nancy Miller (74 yrs),

7 Children, Oldest son Philip youngest son Joseph. This Joseph is our family's Great Great Great Grandfather.

For Barb and Jeannette